Starting Your Own Business

 Learn how to start, finance, promote and manage your new company today.

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As seen in the SBA's Resource Guide, Gold Alliance Group creates information products that help you to start, grow and improve the profitability of your new company. Begin learning...

How to start a business


Looking for seed capital or other financing solutions?: Don't confine yourself to traditional sources like banks. Learn about new and important sources of lending and equity financing. New online lenders and crowdfunding sites are now options, allowing entrepreneurs like you to receive funding from people around the world who believe in your vision.

How to finance a new business



What marketing strategies will bring in more customers without breaking the bank? This is the dilemma most new owners face. Here are some low-cost, yet effective ways to get the word out while staying within your marketing budget:

How to promote your business



In the growth stage, you need to continuously improve your company's processes and measure your performance in order to manage it better. As an owner, it is impossible to achieve the success you are striving for if you don't focus on what drives your profits and establish processes that work well together to improve cash flow and operations.

How to run a business 


Most entrepreneurs struggle to become more productive and efficient with their time. One of the best ways to manage your time wisely is to use automation, outsourcing and apps that assist in day-to-day operations. See essential online management tools.


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If you are an aspiring or new small business owner, you want to maximize profit, minimize mistakes and launch your startup from the best foundation possible. To make sure your strategy is solid, be sure to get this handbook. Read it now, and read it again one year from now. Your bottom line will thank you.