Internet Business Tools You Cannot Do Without

Linda Jenkins, May 05 2016

Whether your website is the main sales engine for your business, or it simply complements your offline sales, there are certain tools that can make managing ecommerce a lot easier. Here are some tools we use everyday that you should be using too:

ecommerce manager photo

Building a responsive and secure online store is a lot easier with Shopify. Did you know that Shopify also allows you to sell your products directly from many mobile-friendly websites and apps that your potential customers use every day?

Plus, you can manage all sales through one simple platform right from your Shopify dashboard. Here is an overview of Shopify’s sales channels: 

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  • Add a secure shopping experience to any website
  • Start selling for only $9/month
  • Use your mobile device and a Shopify card reader for in-person sales
  • Get a retail package for in-store sales
  • Sell via your Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Twitter accounts

With Shopify, you get an unified platform for managing analytics, channels, customers, orders, and products. runs on Shopify, and we are also an authorized affiliate. Check out the many ways Shopify can help you connect with and sell to your customers


Zotabox helps you communicate with visitors and maximize social shares on your website. Before installing the Zotabox app via the Shopify App Store, we tried a lot of other social sharing tools, but were often frustrated by problems with page load time, script errors and lack of features.

Zotabox offers a ton of features for integrating social sharing buttons, email capture, promotion bars, and live chat into your existing website without dealing with code, or you can use the embed code across multiple sites. Zotabox is also available as a Wordpress plugin or Magento extension. You can also do easy integrations with email services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Aweber. Try Zotabox.  


This is an all-in-one dashboard that you can customize to show stats that are important to your business.

We use Cyfe to simultaneously compare the status of our BingAds spend, Shopify sales, Google Adsense earnings, Alexa traffic rank and search engine rankings for major key phrases. This gives us a birdseye view of where the company is headed, and saves us lots of time since we no longer have to log into each individual account for updates.

The potential for customization with this tool is huge since Cyfe supports widgets in multiple categories including Advertising, Sales & Finance, SEO, Social Media, and Web Analytics. You can also link your own custom data, such as from a Google Spreadsheet or SQL database. Check out Cyfe.


Slack is the ultimate collaboration tool for modern teams. Think of it as a live group chat that you can compartment into projects, functions or any other category of your choosing. If you want to keep everyone in the loop in real time, you should definitely try it. Learn how to use Slack.