12 Free Android Apps Your Business Can't Live Without

Linda Jenkins, September 21 2016


android apps from google playHaving the proper tools and training to grow your business is essential. Fortunately, the Android platform on phones and tablets offers a range of free apps that can help you with that. Here are 12 free Android apps your business can't live without.

1. Google Docs

The Google Docs app integrates the entire Google Office suite into one app. In addition to the word processor Docs, the app also consists of Sheets, Google's spreadsheet software, and Slides, the slideshow presentation tool. The tools themselves have evolved over the past few years to be on a par with the Office products and feature clean, crisp user interfaces. If you use Google Docs on your desktop then this is an essential productivity app for your Android phone or tablet.

2. Google Drive

The perfect companion app for Google Docs, Google Drive allows you to seamlessly store and manage your documents in the cloud. Word documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, and images can be instantly backed up online and accessed anywhere in an easy to use interface. This allows for cross-platform utilization and document access in a more streamlined, simpler interface than sharing files via Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage. The fact that Google Drive is integrated with the Android file system means files can be automatically backed up into the cloud, so a lost phone doesn't mean a lost document.

3. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft's OneNote is the ultimate productivity app for those on the go. OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to take notes, create itineraries, shopping lists, and manage expenses. What truly sets OneNote apart is its organizational capabilities; the app features the ability to add written notes, audio, and video messages to images you've taken as well as to store these as part of an individual grouping. Take pictures of receipts instead of keeping papers, snap a photo of a whiteboard and add it to your meeting notes, or jot down important information from a training course so you can refer to it later. With OneNote, the sky is the limit.

4. Expense Manager

For in-depth expense management, nothing beats the free Expense Manager app. Set budgets and categories, and easily enter spending details with the simple, elegant interface. The app provides detailed reports for all aspects of your budget and allows you to export them in CSV format. While some features require a paid subscription, the free aspects of Expense Manager make it a powerful financial tool.

5. Cabinet BETA

One complaint about the Android operating system is its non-intuitive file management system. Finding documents and files saved on the phone or tablet can be a chore, and Cabinet BETA solves this problem. Its minimalist interface is designed to make finding and accessing stored documents a snap, a must have for a busy person on the go.

6. AirDroid

You're working on your desktop computer, and you need to stop every few minutes to answer and respond to texts. With AirDroid, you can do it all from your computer instead, without having to pick up your phone. AirDroid wirelessly connects to your desktop or laptop and mirrors your phone's interface, seamlessly allowing you to access all your phone's features remotely. Answer calls or texts, transfer files between phone and computer, all without losing a step in productivity.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can remotely access your desktop or laptop computer directly from your phone. It supports any computer operating system, as long as the Google Chrome browser is installed. Once the companion desktop app has been downloaded then you can access files or programs on your computer, as if it were there in front of you. It's an essential tool for when you need to access your computer but aren't in proximity to it.

8. Today Calendar

While Android does come equipped with a native calendar app, for sheer convenience the Today Calendar can't be beaten. View appointments and events at a glance on the desktop screen, saving precious time. The app is available in either a free ad-supported or paid pro version.

9. TripIt

Any business traveler knows the inconvenience of organizing travel-related information, and TripIt makes it easy to do so. This powerful app allows you to forward confirmation emails from multiple sources, such as hotels, car rentals, and airlines, to plans@tripit.com and the app will deliver a personalized single itinerary to you. The itinerary can be shared via social media, or synced with your Google calendar. A must-have tool for the busy traveler.

10. Google Translate

If you're traveling in a foreign country, don't let language barriers slow you down. Google's free Translate app allows you to snap photos of text in ninety languages and instantly translate them for you. The keyboard interface accepts text or finger-drawn text input. Additionally you can have the app speak the translation for you, and it integrates with Google Maps to provide directions to translated landmark signs.

11. QualityTime

How much time do you spend on your smartphone on business-related tasks? With QualityTime, you can monitor and track individual app usage, allowing you to get a quick sense of where your time is being spent. It's a great tool for those seeking either better time management or a better work-life balance.

12. HoverChat

Another great time management tool, with HoverChat you can read and respond to SMS messages without leaving your current screen. The app replaces the existing text messaging app with one that overlays messages on whatever screen you're working on. You'll never have to drop what you're doing and switch apps to respond to texts.

Whether you're looking to manage your time, organize your documents, track your expenses or just make your life easier, these apps have you covered. All are available for free from the Google Play store and are essential to help you manage your business.

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