Effective Leadership Attributes - Personal Success Traits of Business Owners

Linda Jenkins, November 30 2014

leadership qualities
Confident, effective leadership produces strong results and is one of the important factors keeping your business afloat. The following are the seven leadership attributes you should display as a successful small business owner: 

1. Vision

Savvy business owners have a way of looking beyond the immediate, maintaining a vision that others simply do not have. You are not just focused on short-term profits, but on your long-term goals.

Your goals may seem out of reach right now, but that is not stopping you from reaching toward them. You display certain characteristics of an innovator, including calculated risk-taking, that sets you apart from the ordinary and places you among the extraordinary. 

You regularly set goals for your business and employees, and align these with your overall business plan.

2. Honesty 

Honesty is the best policy. You understand that building trust means having a team that respects your leadership and models your behavior. Your customers appreciate your honesty and reward you with their loyalty and repeat business.

You create policies that discourage deceptive behavior.

3. Communication 

While the term "Great Communicator" may not describe you, there is no doubt that your employees know where you stand and what you believe. You do not hide behind closed doors and you can be reached by your team.

Your team appreciates your clarity and your willingness to answer the tough questions. Employees and customers alike know where you stand and respect you for that.

You make time for personal interaction with both employees and clients.

4. Confidence 

Some business owners are beyond confident: they are cocky. The latter does not describe you. 

Your confidence is built on a proven way of doing business, a tried and true formula that works. Personal confidence also means that you are keenly aware that mistakes, even failure, are possible.

You focus on the positive and keep your team focused too.

5. Creativity 

Though you use a tried and true formula, you are not afraid to change business operations if that will increase productivity and profits. Indeed, you encourage your team to express their creativity as well. You understand that employee satisfaction goes well beyond compensation. 

You are not afraid to delegate projects. You welcome innovation and reward your team accordingly.

6. Fairness

You stand by your employees, understanding that they are your most valuable resource. You invest in them through training programs and you have your strongest employees mentor the newest members of your team.

Although you would not hesitate to terminate an employee who is performing below par, you demonstrate confidence that the people you hire will shine when given an opportunity to do so.

You regularly evaluate each member of your team and seek feedback from them as well.

7. Commitment

Great leaders stay the course even when the world around them crumbles. You will have good days and you will have bad days. You will also have terrible stretches that will test your mettle.

A business cannot anticipate every problem, but when a challenge arises an effective leader meets it head on. No shirking responsibility, no passing blame -- You understand the "own" part of being an owner and are obligated to see the challenge through.

Your team respects you as a leader and as a person.

Leadership Qualities

Even as you concentrate on your attributes, your bottom line is strong. That is because you have your priorities in place and understand that profits typically follow sound business leadership and a love for what you do.

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