5 Fresh Accounting Tools for Business Owners

Linda Jenkins, November 14 2014

Are you a small business owner looking for new tools to streamline your accounting procedures? Do you like discovering new and innovative resources that help you save time and stay organized? If you're looking for tools that can do everything from simplify your mileage expense reports to offer paperless accounting options, you'll want to dig into the following five resources:




Payvy offers an automated accounts payable service. Business owners request their vendors and suppliers to submit all invoices to a custom email address and Payvy automates the paperless data entry procedure. Features include automated general ledger data inputs, next-day payments to vendors, and data encryption all at a very reasonable monthly cost.





If part of your monthly accounting tasks include filling out mileage expense reports, mileME might be to your liking. mileME offers automatic trip logging and mileage reports via a handy iOS mobile app. You'll never have to complete another road trip log for your bookkeeper again!





HustleBox provides a hardware device you plug into your vehicle that connects wirelessly to a mobile app on your smartphone. Each time you turn off your car's engine, your HustleBox app will prompt you to enter the details of your trip. You can use hashtags to document your trips and then turn those hashtag summaries into month-end mileage reports for your accountant.





Currently accepting requests for early access, Billify will provide an online bill consolidation service to small business owners. The Billify platform will consolidate invoices and electronic receipts from your email inbox into one central location for your accountant. No more scouring through your email folders to find hotel receipts, gas receipts, or subscription renewal notices. If you like the idea of streamlining your month-end accounting procedures, you'll definitely want to sign up for Billifyme.





Fathom lets you turn your accounting information into statistical reports. Integrated with numerous platforms including MYOB, QuickBooks, and Xero, Fathom lets you run profitability reports, accounts receivable/payable activity reports, and even asset efficiency reports.



The above-listed tools are just a small sampling of the resources being created by entrepreneurs within the accounting sector. Staying abreast of new tools at your disposal can help you save precious time at month-end, so you can focus on revenue-generating tasks instead. Will you be integrating any of these accounting resources into your daily business practices?

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