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Linda Jenkins, January 30 2015

crowdfunding for woman-owned businessCrowdfunding is still a relatively new concept, and many people find the process of creating a campaign intimidating. Plum Alley, a crowdfunding platform geared toward female business owners, aims to make campaign creation as easy as possible with their sleek, easy-to-use platform. Plum Alley's team also helps their campaign creators achieve success by providing professional support at every stage of your campaign. 

What Makes Plum Alley Different? 

Plum Alley is a website focused on raising money for female-run enterprises. This unique market position is the key reason the platform is able to boast success rates of more than two times the rate of other crowdfunding sites. While each campaign at Plum Alley has a different mission, style, or message, the platform as a whole is geared toward supporting women's success. 

Plum Alley was founded by entrepreneur, CEO, and funding expert Deborah Jackson in 2012. She started the site with the goal of highlighting contributions made by women in business and technology. The platform has gone on to see great success since its inception; Last year, Plum Alley was listed in Forbes' Startups to Watch. Having showcased over 100 women entrepreneurs in the last two years, Plum Alley has built a strong network of supporters of female entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The Plum Alley team is comprised of distinguished, accomplished women with extensive experience in corporate, start-up, political, and non-profit sectors. These amazing women are dedicated to using their decades of professional expertise in e-commerce, finance and capital markets, angel investing, and cause-related fundraising to help campaign creators meet their goals. 

The men and women that make up the Plum Alley network are invested in the success of women-owned businesses. Unlike larger crowdfunding sites, Plum Alley's unique platform provides you with a targeted group of potential supporters outside of your current network. While the majority of your funds will likely be raised within your network, Plum Alley gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who may be interested in your product, company, or cause. 

Create a Campaign in Minutes 

Setting up a new campaign at the Plum Alley website takes only minutes. After entering some basic information about your project, you'll be walked through a six-step process to get your campaign up and running. Throughout each of the six stages, you'll receive on-screen support and helpful information about creating a successful campaign. The platform even has built-in social sharing tools to make managing your project easy; any updates to your campaign are automatically shared with your network. 

A particularly useful feature of the Plum Alley platform is the ability to run and manage multiple campaigns at once. The simple six-step setup process makes the platform especially useful for smaller campaigns, such as testing new products or demonstrating public support to potential investors. While funding your company or product is the main goal of the site, the Plum Alley platform can also be used for non-moneymaking activities as well. 

If you've been putting off crowdfunding because the process seems too daunting, Plum Alley is worth considering. A few simple clicks is all it takes to have a new campaign started and a wide network of supporters at your side. And with the minor details of your campaign worked out in six streamlined steps, you can put your focus back where it counts most - raising awareness for your company, project, or cause.

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