Complete the Management Loop: Delegate with Follow Up

Linda Jenkins, March 09 2015

how to delegate tasksIf you are a busy entrepreneur, you know that the best way to get more done in less time is to delegate effectively, but you may not be "closing the loop" on delegation. There are several steps to the process that must be done in order to complete tasks efficiently and avoid unnecessary problems. The following steps will help you to delegate with success:

First, define the requirements of the project. What tasks need to be completed? Are there multiple deadlines associated with it? Write out a brief bullet-list of instructions for completing the project.

Second, identify who will complete the project. Have they already completed similar tasks? Will they need more detailed instruction than what is on your bullet-list? Will internal processes or skills need to be improved before the project can be assigned?

Third, assign the project to the right employee or contractor. Provide clear instruction and request regular feedback on their status. Make sure the person you choose has both the skills and time available to successfully complete your assignment.

Fourth, follow up with your employees/contractors to ensure that they communicate with you as requested. Use tools to help you stay on track ( or simply set up Outlook or Google Calendar reminders to alert you when feedback and deadlines are due). Provide guidance as needed.

Following up on assignments you have delegated and continually communicating with your employee/contractor is essential to successfully completing your delegated projects on-time.



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