Tech Tip: Time Management Tools Your Competition Doesn't Use Yet

Linda Jenkins, April 02 2015

manage your time betterAre you having trouble staying organized as a business owner? Would becoming more organized help you to achieve more sales and boost your bottom line? There are a multitude of web-based tools available to help you and your team stay on track. From tracking remote team members' work assignments to presentation tools for mobile devices, the number of options is staggering. Following are five time management tools you might want to investigate before your competition does:



MindMeister lets you do everything from share your work with other team members to create visual presentations. You can brainstorm online with your entire team, or you can connect privately with a specific department. The number of features MindMeister offers is incredible. From social media data mining to live broadcasting, MindMeister offers numerous organization tools to keep you on track.




Stormboard offers real-time online organizational boards for teams. Instead of adding sticky notes to a whiteboard to keep track of project details, multiple team members can contribute to a Stormboard. From task assignment to project updates, every detail of a project can be tracked with Stormboard.




If product management is your weak spot, Blossom might be just what you need to stay organized. Offering features like analytics and update reports, Blossom helps software development teams collaborate and stay current on project details. Blossom integrates with both HipChat and FlowDock.




Trello is another excellent organization tool to consider. Offering features like organizational cards and project checklists, Trello can be customized to each team project. Trello offers time tracking, workflow monitoring, and even task assignment capabilities.




If you find it is the small details that tend to throw you off track, the Drafts app might be just what you need to stay organized. Rather than break up your routine or workflow to send a tweet or post a Facebook update, you can jot all of your task list items into Drafts and implement them later from the app. Available as an iOS download, the Drafts app helps you to stay on task and remember all of those to-do items that can interrupt your workflow.



Which of these organizational tools will you be using to better manage your time? Do you think that becoming more organized will lead to increased sales for you and your team? If time is money and you value your time, utilizing some of these organizational tools might be just what you need to see increased revenues this year.


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