One Spark: In Person Crowdfunding

Linda Jenkins, April 27 2015

One Spark crowdfundingIf you need to raise money for your business idea, crowdfunding sites are great. They spotlight all sorts of creative projects and bring in much needed cash to new entrepreneurs regardless of age, location or industry, but there's something missing from all those new sites that keep popping up month after month, the in-person experience. This is where One Spark really shines. Think of it as if Kickstarter and Meetup had a baby; the ease and reach of rewards-based crowdfunding like Kickstarter combined with the invaluable in-person impact of Meetup. 

One Spark describes itself as "The Worlds Largest Crowdfunding Festival", and recently concluded their 2015 festival in Jacksonville, FL.  There have been many inspiring success stories to come out of the event, such as that of the very young entrepreneur, Natalie McGriff, (just 7 years old!) who recently raked in over $16,000 for creating her comic book The Adventures of Moxie Girl.

Want to attend One Spark 2016 on April 6? Get the details from for future announcements. If you are thinking about presenting your own business idea, first check out Mark Ansley's advice. Mark is the founder of SnapFoods and raised over $250,000 at One Spark 2014.  He shares his experience in the following video: