Chandler Park Academy Middle School, Career Day Presentation on Entrepreneurship

Linda Jenkins, May 16 2015

Resources for Kids Starting a Business


On May 15, 2015, I had the honor of speaking with some very bright students at Chandler Park Academy Middle School in Harper Woods, Michigan. Both classes had insightful questions on how to establish good credit, how to choose a career, the definition of entrepreneur and what it takes to become a successful business owner. I thoroughly enjoyed our talk and hope that the students will continue to review these resources on their own:

I would also love to see the school have all students read Gabrielle's book, The Making of a Young Entrepreneur, as I believe it is the best and most engaging tool for teaching kids solid business principles: 

The Making of a Young Entrepreneur

I also suggest that Chandler Park Academy reach out to the community to create ongoing opportunities for the students to visit local businesses so they can see first hand how commerce works, and have the opportunity to ask proprietors questions about their work. In the long term, these relationships may form a natural springboard into summer jobs at the High School level. Lectures are very valuable, but first-hand experience provides the greatest impact.

Thanks for the opportunity to inspire!

Linda Jenkins
CEO, Gold Alliance Group


Linda with Ms. Young's class:

Class at Chandler Academy