Best Inventory Tracking Apps for Small Business Owners

Linda Jenkins, May 28 2015

best inventory apps


Are you a small business owner who hates conducting inventory? Or do you hire an inventory company each year, yet never feel completely satisfied that their results are accurate? Thanks to mobile technology, you can now feel more at ease regarding your inventory analysis. Mobile apps now let you maintain an accurate accounting of your physical inventory simply by scanning the barcodes on your stock. With a barcode-scanning app on your mobile phone, you can now take inventory whenever you please. Whether you prefer a month-end tracking of your inventory levels or you opt for an inventory analysis annually, you can now leave the bulk of the work to your smartphone. Which of the following most popular barcode-scanning inventory apps will you be putting to work for your small business?

Barcode & Inventory Pro

The Barcode & Inventory Pro app lets you track stock levels via your mobile phone. Whether you have a small business with stock which cycles quickly out of inventory or you need to keep track of your inventory on hand for your duties as a mobile salesperson, this helpful Android app can handle your tasks. Features include barcode scanning, description personalization, category tagging, UPC and ISBN functionality, and unit count calculations. This app lets you assign icons to scanned items, lets you attach images of scanned items, and lets you create reports of your inventoried items. If you want to create inventory reports for your accountant, the Barcode & Inventory Pro app is a terrific option to consider.

Inventory Droid

The Inventory Droid app lets you take pictures of your inventory, scan UPC barcodes, personalize information descriptions, and indicate number of units on hand. Useful for home inventory as well as business inventory, the Inventory Droid app also lets you backup and export your data.

Goods Order Inventory Pro

The Goods Order Inventory Pro app is an excellent option for small business owners needing to keep an accurate count of their existing stock. This app's features include the ability to add multiple users, both mobile and Web access, data exportability, stock transfer capabilities, and report generation. This app lets you add images of inventoried items, lets you synchronize purchase order data, and even lets you add vendor data to your inventory counts. There is also a free version of this app, but business owners are much better off opting for the paid version for accurate inventory tracking.

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