Tech Tip: Insanely Effective User Feedback Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Discover

Linda Jenkins, October 23 2015

user feedback tools 


Whether you're a mobile app developer crafting code for a startup or a solo entrepreneur building a business in your hometown, understanding how end users are interacting with your product is absolutely critical for success. With feedback from your users, you can understand features they would like added, navigation problems they're encountering, and business communications they're not enjoying. From the email newsletters you send to the copy on your website, any and all components of your business are fair game for audience feedback. The more insights you have into how customers interact with your company, the better prepared you are to iterate on your offerings. Entrepreneurs who are focused on wowing their customers not only reduce their churn rate but also automatically create brand ambassadors. If you're ready to double-down on improved user engagement, here are a few feedback tools you might want to add to your entrepreneur's resource list: 



Doorbell lets you capture feedback from both your web and mobile users. Integrated with numerous platforms including Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, and Sprintly, Doorbell lets your users update you on everything from bug issues to feature requests. With an iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDK, you can instantly receive feedback notifications on Slack, Flowdock, or HipChat. Whether you want to receive screenshots with your bug reports or personalize your feedback form, Doorbell makes creating a custom feedback interface easy. 



Promoter lets you create user feedback surveys to better understand your customers' needs. You can request feedback on everything from your latest product release to the efficiency of your customer support team. Integrate surveys into your website, social media posts, or email newsletters. Promoter even offers a free plan to help you test the power of customer surveys for your company. 



If you're looking for a technical feedback tool versus a user feedback tool, Apteligent is a must-discover resource. Monitor activity within your applications, regardless of whether you are developing upon the Android, iOS, or Windows operating system. Receive real-time feedback on transaction processing, error rates, bandwidth usage, and crash reports. You'll know exactly how your application is performing for users, so you can detect problems before they become major issues impacting your revenue. If you want one overall user-tracking interface for your mobile applications, Apteligent is an excellent option to consider. 

Understanding how customers are interacting with your business is crucial if you want to reduce your churn rate and improve user experience. The better you are able to understand the features your customers love and the concerns they have with your offerings, the better prepared you are to exceed their expectations.


Image courtesy freedigitalphotos & Stuart Miles