Responsible Recycling of Your Unwanted Electronics

Linda Jenkins, November 30 2015

how to recycle your computer and other electronicsWe all love our cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops and PCs, but what happens when you decide to upgrade and need to get rid of your unwanted technology? Depending on the decision you make it can destroy your own local environment, destroy a foreign third world environment or be recycled in a safe and responsible manner. Watch this TED talk by Arman Sadeghi, CEO of All Green Electronics Recycling, to learn why responsible recycling of your business and personal eWaste is so important:




Do you have a plan for managing the life cycle of your small business technology?

Did you know that improperly disposing of computers can lead to fines of $25K per machine and hurt the environment? According to, more than 65 percent of executives with purchasing authority are unaware of these potential fines and negative environmental impact. Most business owners are all too eager to buy the latest and greatest in tech gear, but never give a thought to what they will do with the systems once the technology is no longer useful to them. Before you purchase computer equipment, check with your computer retailer to see if they offer a disposal or asset recovery service, and if they do not, its time to buy elsewhere. Retailers offering disposal services will typically pick up your system, overwrite the hard drives, harvest materials for recycling, and provide you with a certificate stating this. It is imperative to go with a trusted company in this field since you can still be responsible for fines if your provider illegally dumps your stuff! These services can help you recycle responsibly:

Amazon Trade-In Program

All Green Recycling

Hope Phones | Medic Mobile

Cellular Recycler


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Top image courtesy Stuart Miles & freedigitalphotos