Seven Sources for Funding Your Green Business

Linda Jenkins, March 25 2016

funding for green projectsAre you considering starting your own eco-friendly company but are unsure as to how you will fund your new venture? One option you might want to consider is crowdfunding. There are a number of crowdfunding and alternative lending platforms available that are specifically targeted at environmentally conscious companies and green startups. Check out the curated list below to see if any of these eco-conscious platforms can help provide funding for your new business idea. 

Grid Share

GridShare is a platform for matchmaking renewable energy and cleantech ventures with investment capital around the world. Whether your new business involves creating bio-diesel or you plan to convert waste products into renewable energy, you can solicit funding and feedback via their platform. You can also invest in international renewable energy projects through GridShare. This platform currently charges fixed fees for successfully funded projects - see their Terms & Conditions page for more information.


Ioby helps green projects find funding and grow community interest within their own neighborhoods. From rain gardens to urban farming, all can solicit funding and social media interaction via the platform. This platform currently charges a minimum 3% donation processing fee.


Abundance is a UK-based peer-to-peer lending platform for renewable energy projects. A fundable venture can be anything from adding solar panels on a school roof to adding wind turbines to a golf course. 

Fund My Travel

If you want to travel to distant lands to research your earth-friendly entrepreneurial endeavor, FundMyTravel might be of interest to you. FundMyTravel lets you set up a funding site so that you can solicit crowdfunding for your adventure. Think of it like Kickstarter for globe trotters. This platform currently charges a 5% fee.

Start Some Good

Described as "The Crowdfunding Platform for Changemakers", Start Some Good connects environmentally-conscious investors with social entrepreneurs, non-profits and community groups in need of their funds. has successfully aided 550 ventures to raise over $6 million for grassroots innovation projects! This platform currently charges a 5% fee for successfully funded projects.

Sun Funder

SunFunder is a unique company that helps finance solar projects "beyond the grid". In developing nations, such as Tanzania, populations in remote regions depend on kerosene and diesel for energy. provides short-term loans to leading solar energy companies from accredited investors to supply reliable, clean energy to these regions. SunFunder aims to raise and deploy $1 billion into solar projects around the world within the next few years.

Worth Wild

WorthWild helps earth-friendly entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, non-profits and environmental leaders find funding for their ventures. Entrepreneurs with a new green product or service are able to apply for funding assistance. Non-profits also have the option of establishing a 365-page to collect ongoing donations for anything from recycling awareness to protecting natural habitats. WorthWild recently became fee-free.

Building a new business can be a tough battle. Finding funding adds an extra level of pressure. Turning to earth-friendly funding platforms that understand your cause just might help you alleviate some of those new venture tensions. Do you think one of these platforms can help you build your new green business? 

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