5 Free and Fabulous Tools Every Penny-Pinching Entrepreneur Should Have in Their Arsenal

Linda Jenkins, April 06 2016

free tools for startupsAre you an entrepreneur attempting to grow your small business or startup company on a limited budget? Are you in need of growth resources and want to incorporate the lean startup methodology into your business development plans? There are a number of free tools you can use to help grow your company without increasing your operating capital burn rate. Following are five fabulously free tools every cost-conscious entrepreneur should have on their resource list:


Bootstrap Zero 

Bootstrap Zero is a terrific tool to have on your list of must-use resources. This nifty site offers hundreds of free bootstrap templates and themes. Find everything from landing page templates to blog templates. 


Free Invoice Generator 

If you can't afford fancy accounting software for your company just yet, consider using Free Invoice Generator until your revenue projections are sustainable. Include everything from taxes and shipping costs on a custom invoice for your company. You can even offer clients invoices in your currency of choice.



If you are in startup mode and can't afford professional photographers or expensive graphics for your website or mobile applications, StockSnap is a handy resource to discover. Free images are added to StockSnap on a regular basis, with no attribution required whenever you use their images. Find background images to feature on your  website, source scenic photographs to use as blog post headers, and find city landscape images to use to promote business activities in your city. The quality of the photographs on StockSnap is incredibly impressive; your images won't look like you downloaded free clipart in an effort to save money on your company's graphics.


Press Kit Generator

If your business is in the mobile application space, you can use Press Kit Generator to create a free press kit. Even if you offer a mobile app to access your company website, you can use your application URL to create a basic press kit containing screenshots, documentation, and icons.



Available from the team at 500Startups, KISS offers free legal documents for company founders. Find helpful documents on convertible notes to ensure you are protected when raising investment capital from outside investors.


Integrating free resources into your growth strategy is an intelligent way to build your brand without burning through cash. You can extend your company's runway by being smart with your available resources. Whether you are bootstrapping with your own funds, accepting investments from family and friends, or utilizing angel investments as a growth mechanism, being wasteful with funds could lead to the demise of your business. When inexpensive or free tools are at your disposal, it makes economic sense to allocate funds where the need is greatest (talent acquisition, for example) rather than spend frivolously on costly marketing tools or software packages. How many of the above-listed resources do you think you will be utilizing to grow your up-and-coming business?


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