The Magic Pill for Business Growth

Linda Jenkins, July 28 2016

Improved Processes Can Help Your Company Scale

photo: young man walking a path

Business growth doesn't just magically happen. You don't snuggle into your fluffy pillow at night and awake the next morning with a booming business beckoning you to the office. Consistent, scalable growth comes from hard work, attention to sector trends, and a willingness to improve your acumen on an ongoing basis. One of the savviest ways to hack growth is to double-down on improving your processes.  

A commitment to improved business processes doesn't mean hopping aboard the latest social media trend or foregoing revenue generation in favor of follower counts on networking platforms. Upgrading your processes means you make a concerted effort to build your company in a more authentic way with a focus on improving your own skills as a leader.  

Improving your skills training can include anything from upgrading your critical thinking skills to learning best practices for payroll, or from learning new customer service skills to bettering your human resources department. Any endeavor you make to improve the way your company runs can have a deep and long-lasting impact on growth. Leaders who make a consistent effort to improve their time management skills have a decided advantage over those who approach the running of their businesses in a haphazard manner. Realizing that the refinement of skills can have a huge impact on company profits is often the light bulb moment business owners need to seek out professional assistance.  

As the business landscape becomes increasingly competitive, it isn't going to be the company with the best product that survives. Everything from marketing street smarts to customer acquisition expertise can help a new owner out-maneuver a competitor. Today's consumer has numerous options at their disposal; mobile payment processing, artificial intelligence search engines, and access to global brands are just a few of the factors weighting the scales in favor of consumers.  

Data from Statista Research indicates that by 2019, consumers will be generating over 3.6 trillion dollars in revenue for ecommerce retailers. When you realize that number does not include offline global sales, you understand just how competitive the business landscape truly is. An owner is no longer just competing with the vendor down the street; they're now having to out-source, out-price, and out-sell competitors on a global scale. When everyone from teens to seniors has a smartphone in their pocket, completing a sale with a competitor is just a few clicks away. The entrepreneur who succeeds is going to be the one that out-performs on every level, including the intelligence with which they run their company, and the processes they use to service their customers.  

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