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I recently purchased a small business, the first time being completely on my own.  Needless to say it can be overwhelming at times.

I am fortunate to have come across “New Business Owner Handbook”; while many of the concepts are common sense, most require a level of awareness or forethought that wasn’t there before. I know Linda Jenkins and her knowledge on the subject is vast, however, the way she simplifies principles, and strays from technical jargon allows her messages and expertise to reach any audience.

Being a fast paced, goal oriented person, as I am sure most small business owners are, I continue to revisit the sections on delegation as a foundation to help me update and scale my business.  As the name implies, Linda’s book has become an invaluable reference to me and my company.  I would highly recommend all business owners to dive in and see what this book has to offer.


Debra Craig
President, MedMatchInc.com



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