Creative Financing

Better Ways to Fund a Business

Do you need money for your business?

Did you know that only 30% of small businesses successfully receive funds through traditional means like banks?...

Details on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other sources of small business financing are available in the ebook "Creative Financing: How to Get a Small Business Loan without a Banker".

This ebook clarifies why today's business owners, just like you, cannot afford to overlook social lending networks. It details creative sources of funding, no matter whether you are looking for a business loan with reasonable terms, or are considering equity financing. 

This edition of Creative Financing, by Linda Jenkins, CEO of Gold Alliance Group , is a downloadable ebook in Adobe Reader PDF format.  Linda invests in startups via Prosper and Fundable, and has been a small business owner since 1998. 


This guide is perfect for you if any of these statements are true:

  • you need startup financing or working capital
  • you want to know how peer to peer lending works
  • you want to know more about different types of crowdfunding
  • you own a business and are considering alternative financing
  • you own an internet-based business and bankers have a hard time evaluating your company
  • you have been rejected by a bank and want to know your options aside from a SBA loan
  • you need more money than your family can lend



Chapter 1 - What is Social Lending?

Chapter 2 - Social Lending vs. Traditional Business Loans

Chapter 3 - Networks

Chapter 4 - Increase Your Chances of Being Funded

Chapter 5 - Options for Online Merchants

Chapter 6 - Options for Retailers

Chapter 7 - Merchant Financing

Chapter 8 - Kickstarter

Chapter 9 - Family Loans

Chapter 10 - The Changing Face of Business Finance


ISBN: 978-0-9837795-2-0

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