Employee Handbook Template

Communicate Your Policies

This employee handbook template is a complete and fully editable Microsoft Word document created specifically for small businesses like yours. Simply download, edit and print to customize it for your needs. Every business owner should have an employee handbook to:

  •  Protect the company in case of employment disputes
  •  Effectively communicate Human Resources policies 
  •  Clearly state the company's guiding principles 
  •  Establish payroll periods and policies 
  •  Clarify Vacation and Leave policies 
  •  Clarify Safety procedures 
  •  Set boundaries on use of technology & company property 



Personal Calls
Dress Code
Health and Safety
Performance Evaluation
Separating from OUR COMPANY
Training and Career Management
Personal Leave
Maternity and Parental Leave
Technology & Use of Office Resources
Employee Acknowledgement Page

Why buy this employee handbook?
There are other employee handbook templates on the internet, but most are outdated and do not address many important workplace issues such as how to define use of company e-mail, software, social media and other technology. Gold Alliance Group's version includes these important policies to address the concerns of today's employers, and is written in language your employees will easily understand.

Quick Tips
Once you download the document, do a Find & Replace in Word on "OUR COMPANY" and insert your own business name. Read through the text to complete any final edits. We recommend having your own attorney review the version you intend to distribute to your staff. This is true with ANY handbook that you may decide to purchase online. The particular circumstances of your small business are unique, and require the attention of your own attorney to ensure compliance with your local laws no matter the size of company, location or industry in which you operate. 

Spend minutes rather than weeks customizing one of your company's most important documents. This file is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word.


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