Mini Projector for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPad and XBOX 360

A high-quality mini projector for plug and play capability with your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPad or game box. Includes HDMI and USB ports. 


Style: LCD
Light Source: LED
Projective Mode: Throwing, Back Projection, Ceiling
Lamp: LED Lamp
Zoom: No
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1-2000:1
Lens: Mini Projector
Resolution: 854 x480
Portable: Yes
Screen Scale: 4:03
Use: Small Business, Home, Education
Small Business / Home Theater Projector: Yes
Type: Digital Projector
Projection Distance: up to 200cm (up to 7 feet)
Brightness: 70 lumens
Projected Dimension: up to 100 inches
Weight: 0.3kg  (0.7 pound)

  • LED light source with a working lifetime up to 20,000 hours

  • Connect via HDMI port for iPad, Tablet or Notebook with mirror projection.

  • HDMI port is also compatible with XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation3, and Blu-ray Players.

Package Contents:

  •         1x iOS Mini Projector (Embedded 3000 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery)

  •         1x USB cable

  •         1 x User manual

  •         1x Pouch        

Allow 3 weeks for product delivery. 

$ 379.75