New Business Owner Handbook

Take the Stress out of Startup

This handbook contains essential financial and start-up tips for first-time business owners like you. It lays out a system for small business success, describing how you can get on the right path, improve your strategy and go from stressed-out to empowered.

Discover tools / Increase efficiency:
Discover essential resources and learn to concentrate your efforts on the most important things that will help your business grow.

Improve your productivity:
Find solutions to real business challenges such as getting more customers, hiring employees, outsourcing, and managing cash flow.

Save time:
Discover must-have business tools that will move your small business forward with maximum efficiency so you can make the best use of your time and maximize profit.

Save money:
Most importantly, this handbook details potentially disastrous mistakes many new business owners make. It teaches you how to avoid them and presents practical solutions so you can use your capital wisely.



Cash Flow Management


Must-have Tools

Metrics & Analytics



Company Culture


Legal Concerns

Maintaining Business Relationships

Handling Feedback


Learn to cut through the noise, mold your strategy, improve productivity and concentrate on the actions that will define your success.  

  • PDF file. 46 pages.
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  • ISBN: 978-0-9837795-3-7

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