Simple Marketing and Business Plan

This template is ideal for home-based businesses or other small startups.

The 2-in-1 simple marketing and business plan template is a fill-in-the-blank style document (available in Word .docx format). It is designed for aspiring business owners who want to quickly complete their first marketing and business plans and move on with the process of building a company. 

Once completed you will have a one-page document that references your most important metrics and goals. Use it as a summary sheet and quick reference guide to help you focus on your goals and keep your company on track. 

QUICK TIPS: Save the original document to your desktop or other device. Rename and save your own copy. Open the copy and simply replace the logo with your own, replace the red text with your own, and delete the blue notes. Highlight all text and change the color to black (or whatever color you choose).

If you have not completed any projections yet, this product pairs perfectly with our Pro Forma Template .

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